BIM360 Integration

BIM360 Integration

Autodesk BIM360 has the ability to integrate with the IMAJION app. This allows you to have your project and files (even 3D) within your BIM360 project to be accessible from IMAJION as well.

Adding Integration to BIM360 #

Before linking you’ll need to add the IMAJION integration to your BIM360. First, verify you’re an Account Admin & Project Admin in the BIM360 project(s) you’re looking to link. Then, do the following:

  1. Login to BIM360
  2. Click on the home icon at the top-left and click Account Admin
  3. Click on the Settings Tab > Custom Integrations > Add Custom Integration
  4. For Select Access, make sure that both ‘BIM 360 Account Administration’ and ‘Document Management’ are selected
  5. Click ‘Invite a developer’ and add the email ‘’. Click Send

Once added, please reach out to your CRM or requesting to be fully linked to IMAJION with BIM360.

Linking IMAJION with BIM360 #

Once you’ve linked IMAJION to your BIM360 projects, you can link the project on the IMAJION end. To link the project(s), please do the following:

  1. Login to via a Google Chrome web browser
  2. Click the Profile Settings icon found at the top-right
  3. Scroll down to cloud integrations and find the Autodesk BIM 360 Connect button. Click this
  4. You’ll be redirected to login to Autodesk with your email then your password
  5. When asked to ‘Authorize application’, click ‘Allow’
  6. Once logged in, you’ll be pushed back to the IMAJION site and you should see your projects
  7. Click on ‘Link’ next to the project(s) you want to link
  8. After a moment, you’ll see the project linked and appear in your projects list

Your linked projects will have a file system similar to your BIM360 files. When uploading any files via IMAJION, they will appear in an IMAJION specific folder created in your BIM360 files.

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