Joining a Conference as a Guest

Joining a Conference as a Guest

Welcome to IMAJION! Joining a conference as a guest to the IMAJION app requires two steps:

  1. Join from Google Chrome if using a desktop/laptop or Safari if using an iOS device
  2. Disable any VPNs if you’re on a corporate network

You can also check your overall settings at prior to the conference.

Joining the Conference #

To join a conference, find the invitation email to the conference. Within that email, you should have one of the following options:

  1. An email from your invitee with a link that has the format [Your Name] – Click Here to Join. Click the link with your name
  2. An invitation from with a Join Meeting button. Click the button

Setup Page #

Once you click the link to join, you’ll be redirected to an page for the conference. A pop-up asking to allow use of your microphone and camera will appear. Click Allow

In this setup page, you can do the following:

  1. Change your name
  2. Turn your mic or camera off
  3. Select your camera and microphone
  4. Join the conference

IMAJION Interface #

After joining the conference, you’ll be in the IMAJION interface. You’ll find the following tools at your disposal:

  • Screenshare: Share your screen with everyon in the conference
  • Conference Chat: Find the history of when people joined, what they’ve said, or when a markup or file was added
  • Placed Pins: Here you can edit the pins you’ve placed
  • Maximize: Maximize the one screen (minimizes the rest)
  • Minimize: Minimizes the one screen
  • Create Pin: Creates a pin that can be placed on a screen using the HoloLens or iPhone/iPad Pro
  • Screenshot: Captures a screenshot
  • Minimized Windows Control: Control your minimized windows and hide/unhide the minimized windows
  • Record: Records the conference
  • Mute Controls: Mute or unmute your video and/or microphone
  • Hangup: Leaves the call

Markups & Filesharing #

As a guest, you can interact with the HoloLens headset screen via markups and file sharing.

  • Click within the HoloLens’ screen to place a marker.
  • Click the pin icon at the bottom left of a video window. Your next click will add a pin you can edit with a note.
  • Add files into a meeting by dragging them into the conference. 

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