Exporting CSVs from Conferences

Exporting CSVs from Conferences

The IMAJION app has the ability to create a CSV of the pins, rulers, and arrows created during a conference that used the HoloLens or iOS app to create markups out on the field.

Note: You can only view CSVs for meetings that you were invited to. If you were not set as a guest for the meeting, it will not show up in your History tab

Web App #

Currently, the web app is the only place to download your CSVs from your conference. You can access these by doing the following:

  1. Login to app.imajion.com via Google Chrome
  2. Navigate to the project with the conference
  3. To the right of ‘Conferences’, click on the ‘History’ tab
  4. Find the conference that has your CSV and click the CSV button to the right of the conference

iOS App #

At this time, you can’t access the CSVs from the iOS app.

Viewing the CSV #

CSVs often opened to the default setting of Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for macOS); however, you can open it in a more common software such as Microsoft Excel.

When opening it, the markups will have the following layout:

  1. Name: Name of the pin (if there was a name added to the
  2. Placed By: Who placed the markup
  3. Type: This will show as arrow, pushpin, or ruler
  4. Length: If the ruler was used, it will show the length. If not, it will show N/A
  5. Time: The date and time it was placed
  6. Deleted: If the markup was eventually deleted
  7. Coordinates: Coordinates of where the markup was placed based on the starting point of the video

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