Controlling Conference Layout

Controlling Conference Layout

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Controlling your conference is important when you’re trying to get the correct information. While in a conference, you’re able to choose who is in the main view versus the small view. The main view is where people are usually sent to upon entering a conference. Once an AR device joins, those in the main view will be pushed to the small view. Anyone who joins after the AR device will appear in the main view and will need to be minimized.

Clicking a non-ar screen will put it in the opposite view. For example, clicking a screen in the main view will move it to the small view and vice versa.

Main View #

Your main view is where the people and files attempt to be full screen based on the amount of guests and/or files currently available. This means that any guests that have joined and files that are uploaded will appear in the main view. The only time they’ll all be moved to the small view at once is when an AR device joins or if you maximize one screen.

  • To minimize a screen, you’ll hover over the screen you want to minimize and find a blue box with a small triangle pointing to the bottom right. Click this to minimize a screen
  • To maximize a screen, you’ll hover over the screen you want to maximize and find two triangles pointing away from one another. This will put all other screens to the small view.

Small View #

The small view is found at the bottom-right of the conference. Once you add guests or files to this, they’ll be the same size and stacking on top of one another.

You can hide those in the small view with the grey box arrow found at the bottom-right.

To bring guests or files back to the main view, simply click the box you want to bring back and it will move back to the main view.

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