Direct Messaging and Calling (End-to-End Encrypted)

Direct Messaging and Calling (End-to-End Encrypted)

In IMAJION, you’re able to communicate directly with other project members in your project. Similar to channels, you’re able to message, send files, and call directly.

Direct Messaging #

To direct message another user, do the following:

  1. Open your project that the person you want to messsage is in
  2. Find their name in Contacts or by using the search bar
  3. Click their name

Once you click their name, a box should appear with the ability to send a message, file, and emoji. You also have the option to start a call with them.

To send a message, click in the message box, type your message, and hit your Enter key.

To send an emoji, click the emoji icon, click an emoji you want to add, and it will add it to the message box. Once your complete your message, hit enter to send the message with emojis.

Sharing Files #

Sharing files with another person is encrypted and can only be seen by you and the other person. Shared files will appear in an IMAJION folder with both your names on it. It should be something similar to ‘Person1-Person2‘ in the same format.

There are two ways to share files:

  1. In your direct message box, tap the mountain icon at the bottom-left. This will open either your files to choose from or (if you’re on iOS), give the option to browse your libraries or take a photo/video at that moment. After sharing, it will upload and send
  2. You can drag and drop a file onto the message box similar to how conferences can add files

Calling #

To call another project member, click the green phone icon found at the bottom-right. If they’re in the IMAJION app, they will receive a pop-up alerting them of your call with the option to accept or decline it. If they’re on their iOS device, a similar pop-up will appear.

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